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A birding tour designed for people arriving at the beautiful Cozumel Island!

Cozumel is a caribbean island in the state of Quitana Roo, located 19 km from the mainland, the island has around 31 endemic species and subspecies including birds, mammals, reptiles and marine life forms.


This place is home to two endemic bird species, the Cozumel Vireo (Vireo bairdi) and the Cozumel Emerald (Cynanthus forficatus) and to many endemic bird subspecies including the Cozumel Western Spindalis, Cozumel Bananaquit, Cozumel Yucatan Woodpecker, Cozumel Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and many more!

The island also hosts around 363 bird species including resident and migratory birds like warblers, flycatchers, parrots, egrets and shorebirds.

Other wildlife

While birding you also may be able to encounter some other wildlife like the endemic Cozumel White-nosed Coatí, Pygmy Raccoon, reptiles like the Brown Basilisk, American Crocodile, etc.


Our local birding guide will pick you up early in the morning wherever you're staying in the Cozumel Island and take you to the birding places trying to find the most amount of endemic birds and other possible target species in your checklist. After that, our guide will return you to your accommodation site (around 12:00 noon). Easy birding. Easy walk.

Price includes guiding services, gas and transportation. The price does not include meals. Extra person (Maximum 3) $25 USD.


  • Walking shoes.
  • Insect repelent.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Hat.
  • Water.

We can borrow binoculars if you let us know with time.

Cozumel Rufous-browed Peppershrike (Cyclarhis gujanensis insularis)
Yucatan Vireo (Vireo magister)

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